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The Aphrodite Cocktail Bar

Aristasian Preservation Project

An earlier version of Aristasia.Net
I Want to be an Aristasian But....
Type 3s


Wildfire Club

Secession Central

Blue Camellia

Lipstick Theatre

The Amazon Intelligencer



Harmony Point

The Penthouse Library and Roof Garden
The Penthouse Library
The Roof-Garden Café
True and False Bohemians
Is English Changing?
The Equality Police
The Order of British Excellent's
A Quill From the Eyrie
The Influx of Infantilisation
The Decanter


Miss Helena Frost: A Different Kind of Mistress
Introducing Miss Helena Frost
Life Theatre
Miss Helena Frost, Schoolmistress
Schoolgirl Susie
Slavegirl Suzy
Suzanne's Schoolgirl Page
Prefect Suzanne
Schoolgirl Enactments
Bonded Maindservant Required

The Aphrodite Cocktail Bar is archived in a couple of places online, but it can also be explored here.