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Aristasian Preservation Project

Welcome to the Aristasian Preservation Project. Many of the beautiful and fascinating Elektra-sites which once made up Aristasian Elektraspace have disappeared into the aethyr. The Project's goal is to make available as many Aristasian documents and sites as possible which would otherwise be lost. These sites might be considered museums; they are no longer active, no longer being added to or updated, nothing can be bought from them, fora are frozen, and there are broken links and inactive email addresses on them. Wherever possible links have been updated.

With the exception of the History of Aristasia-in-Telluria and articles by outsiders, all of these pages were originally created and posted by Aristasians, mostly during the late Fourth Decade of Darkness and early Fifth. In a few cases the html code will be slightly different as the pages were salvaged from archive.org and the Wayback Machine banner removed. The authenticity of these pages can be verified via the Wayback Machine.

If anyone has more pages or images related to defunct Aristasian sites, including paper documents of any kind, New Lady Nylons, or Wildfire Club cassette tapes, please share them with the Project! Contact me at webmistress-at-aristasia-dot-net.

The Project's main site where sundry Aristasian pages from many long-gone sites and articles by outsiders are archived.

Scans of Traditionalist publications to which Aristasians contributed.

The Amazon Intelligencer
The website of the Feminine Publishing Company, precursor of The Sun Daughter Press.

Blue Camellia
Several Aristasian fora are archived here.

Lipstick Theatre

Secession Central

Wildfire Club