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Aristasian Books

The Aphrodite Cocktail Bar

Aristasian Preservation Project

Welcome to Aristasia

Aristasia: The Feminine Empire

All-Girl Worlds

A Chapel of Our Mother God

Major International Fetish Events
This calendar from a few years ago allows us a tiny glimpse into what kind of events used to take place at the Aristasian Embassy.

The Sun Daughter Press
Aristasia's publishing house

Hello from Aristasia, and The nature of the Left

Avendale School in Exile

Notes from faraway places
Of particular interest is Reaching for an answer: Perhaps the middle class is the problem

Aristasia Treasure Trove

The Aristasia Diaries

Scans of Traditionalist publications to which Aristasians contributed.

Public Canings
A very brief account of someone fortunate enough to have met and been disciplined by Miss Martindale.
An account of discipline from Miss Helen Frost.
Mistress H Frost

Filianic Resources Collection
Includes some Aristasian documents.

Aristasian Preservation Project