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The Aphrodite Cocktail Bar

Aristasian Preservation Project

Children of the Void by Miss Regina Snow
Children of the Void: An Extract
Another Extract: Annalinde gets a Spanking
CHILDREN OF THE VOID: The Astonishing Story of a Disciplined Feminine World

The Corporal Punishment of Schoolgirls by Miss Margaret Stone

The Female Disciplinary Manual by The Standing Committee on Female Education

The Feminine Regime by Miss Regina Snow
PDF excerpt from The Feminine Regime
Victorian Anonymous
The Feminine Reime
more on The Feminine Regime
Summary of The Feminine Regime

Happy Tears by Norman Grace
Another edition.

Disciplined Ladies: A Cornucopia of Feminine Discipline by Miss Marianne Martindale

The District Governess by Miss Regina Snow

The Rule of the Strap: Memories of a Scottish Girls' Reform School by Miss Mary MacKenzie

The House of Correction for Wayward Girls by Miss Helena Frost

Enter Amelia Bingham: The First Lady Of British Crime by Miss Geneviève Falconer and the Silver Vixen
Read the first story.
Listen to the first story.
Read the second story, "White Magic".
Listen to another story, "The Sorceress's Apprentice".

The Governess Compendium includes many contributions from Miss Marianne Martindale.

For newer Aristasian books which are still in print, visit Sun Daughter Press.