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The Aphrodite Cocktail Bar

Aristasian Preservation Project

Filament issue #5
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A Little Bit Girlish

A Weekend At Miss Martindale's

GFS article about Miss Martindale

Miss Kinky Denies Right Wing Smear.

Oxford educators: Miss Partridge and Miss Langridge run meetings for students downstairs, discipline sessions for paying punters upstairs
The Sunday Telegraph, 7th February 1993
Inside the secret world of the sisters of St Bride's
The Sunday Telegraph, 3rd January 1993

Whips? Canes? Silly Monkeys!

Domina issue #5 "Passport to Aristasia"
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Fetish Times: "Aristasia... the Great Escape?"
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Literature from the Bon Fessee Library

Not Only Blue
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Fair Lady magazine

Are Aristasians Otherkin?

Lux Madriana
"Lux Madriana" is not an Aristasian group, but was related, sort of. For more on this see here.
How I was drawn to life in a cult
The Eternal Feminine
The Filianic Scriptures
Following Our Lady's Teachings – a philosophy for life
Lux Madriana documents
Under A Dark Star, reprinted from Quest March 2000
Account from an early Aristasian who signs herself "Marianne Trent"
The Sacred Myths & Rites of the Madrians
Dealing with paranoid souls who are scared to death

From 2003 to 2005, there was a Ladies' Column in The Chap Magazine written by an Aristasian using the name Miss Marianne Martindale.

The Governess Compendium includes many contributions from Miss Marianne Martindale.

Video Games
In the 90's, Aristasians designed computer games. Specifically Priscilla Langridge and Marianne Martindale, AKA Marianne Scarlett.
The Games of St Brides'
Games by Priscilla Langridge
Back to School
Games Lessons or here (or view scans here and here)
Sick Brides (only a brief reference)
In The Deep Midwinter
The Snow Queen

Palais Magazine
Go to page 18 of this Elektra-maggie for an article about Virtualia by Miss Julianna Juliesse.

A History of Aristasia-in-Telluria


The magazine Skin Two had an article about Aristasia in their online version several years ago. I used to have it but the ordinator it was on crashed, and they no longer have the material from that era. If anyone has it I would be most grateful if they would send it to webmistress-at-aristasia-dot-net.