What Is Aphroditism?

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What is Aphroditism?

A: Aphroditism is an erotic sensibility--a "sexual perversion" if youwill.

Aphroditism is the revival of eroticism through the revival of femininity. Overthe past thirty years, the quality of femininity has been progressivelydestroyed in the Western world; and with it the erotic thrill of life has beencrushed. Aphroditism is a return to the erotic magic of femininity.

Q: Is Aphroditism a lesbian movement?

A: It is not a 'movement' at all. It is something you feel, naturally,from within. Just as some people feel attraction to their own sex or the desireto be spanked. You can found a movement or several movements on any of thesethings, but none of them is, in itself, a movement.

Q: But it has been developed and made conscious among women whose eroticleanings are toward other women?

A: Yes. I think it is easier to develop femininity in an all-femaleenvironment. A lot of men--perhaps even the majority of men--are potentialaphroditists, but at present it remains only a latent tendency in them becausethey can't actually do anything about it.

Q: Why not?

A: Because to be an Aphroditist you have to live in a world that hasfeminine women in it--women who have not been colonised by the masculineprinciple. But there really aren't women like that in the late 20th century.The whole change in women over the last thirty years has been their invasionand colonisation by the masculine principle.

Now, a group of women who want to be practising Aphroditists can do so byre-feminising themselves; trying to cast off the conditioning of the pastthirty years; dressing, speaking and acting as authentic, un-colonised women.Men obviously aren't in a position to do this because they are men andnot women.

Q: I believe some of you don't particularly like being calledlesbians.

A: The word means an inhabitant of the Isle of Lesbos; a follower of thewonderful Aphroditist poetess, Sappho. Inherently it is a very charming wordand a very charming concept; but it has become very debased. Even twenty-fivehundred years ago, ghastly male playwrights were giving it a crudely sexualmeaning. Today many masculinised women embrace that crudeness in their desireto be "one of the boys". They have been taught to think it is a sign of"liberation" to be as unsubtle and sexually grasping as the worst sort of man.There is nothing wrong with being a Lesbian, but some of us might be chary ofthe connotations of the word--those connotations are the reverse ofAphroditist.

Q: So is Aphroditism anti-sexual?

A: Sexuality is the reverse of eroticism. The more sexual a societybecomes, the less erotic it is, and vice versa. A society in whichsexual expression is controlled is tingling with erotic vitality. An overtlyand crudely sexual society, like the modern West, is erotically dead.

This is the very crux of Aphroditism. More and more people are starting torealise that as far as "sex" goes, more means less and all means none. They areliving in a world sexualised to an extent rarely precedented in history, andthe result is that there is less sexual excitement than there has ever been.Like a drug-addict taking larger and larger doses with less and less effect,society has to go to greater and greater extremes of crudeness and obviousnessto obtain an ever-diminishing thrill.

This is the masculine approach to eroticism. The feminine approach is subtler.It always has been. It approaches erotic experience indirectly. It does notimagine that you can catch it by grabbing and graspng. You can't. Even mencan't. The continued fascination of eroticism has depended on femininerestraint and subtlety.

Q: Even in a male dominated society?

A: This concept of the male-dominated society is a bit of a myth. Not acomplete myth, of course. Society has been male dominated for centuries.But the sub-Marxist idea that the feminine sensibility was made by men "inorder to keep women down" is simply untrue--and rather insulting to women.Women have helped to shape society, and most of what was characteristicallyfeminine was the creation of women, not men. Ironically the only time thefeminine principle absolutely ceased to shape society was the time of theso-called "liberation" of women. Because that "liberation" meant a completeacceptance of the masculine scale of values. In "male-dominated societies", thefeminine was always a strong shaping element, but modern society is amasculine-dominated society in which the feminine does not exist atall.

One of the results of this is the complete sexualisation and de-eroticisationof society.

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